MakaNet is connecting Kiwis to the world with high speed, affordable broadband – available everywhere.

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Our promise:

Fast, affordable broadband anywhere in New Zealand.

MakaNet is a broadband service provider delivering high-speed internet bandwidth, by satellite, to rural New Zealand.

We partner with government agencies, regional ISPs, farming service providers, community organisations and groups in rural New Zealand. Using our service they can deliver low-cost high speed broadband to schools, marae, health clinics, farms and businesses in remote locations.

We offer unparalleled broadband coverage everywhere in New Zealand using tightly focussed satellite beams.

From 2018, we will deliver high speed broadband at affordable prices to any school house, light house, beach house, tramper’s hut, shearing shed, hall or bach anywhere in New Zealand. Powerful satellite beams will reach mountains, beaches, headlands, islands, valleys, bays and fiords. If people can see the sky they can connect to the world through MakaNet.

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What we do

High speed – Low cost

  • Faster than ADSL
  • Cheaper than fibre

MakaNet’s low cost business model allows Internet service providers to deliver bandwidth of world-class quality at big-city speeds and affordable prices to people in rural and remote areas. ISPs will be able to offer a high quality satellite broadband service differentiated by speed, cost and ease of installation.

Broadband NOW – direct to the roof

  • No waiting for a fibre connection
  • No trenches to dig
  • No long cable runs
  • Setup within 30 minutes

This opens up new educational, social and business opportunities for people in small communities and will change the lives of people living outside large towns and cities.

To help ISPs meet their customers’ needs, MakaNet offers these complementary services.


Satellite Broadband

Website Development


Domain name registration

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