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We use proven technology to deliver broadband to anywhere

A few years ago we started MakaNet to provide affordable internet access to the Pacific region. We have brought the same vision to Aotearoa and now provide broadband services with unlimited internet to business and residential communities.

Our journey of internet provision began in 1999 on a small island in the Pacific that we continue to this day. After five years of starting our New Zealand ISP, we have been busy growing another startup that delivers unlimited broadband via satellite to rural and remote locations of Aotearoa. MakaNet is now the only Pacific owned ISP that delivers broadband services from the top of Cape Reinga to the bottom of the Bluff.

With over twenty years in the ISP industry, you can be certain that we are well connected and have experience in small to large projects to cater for any requirements. Being agile enables us to create solutions for jobs that other larger providers may not necessarily have the patience for. We run a lean and efficient operation so our overheads are at an absolute minimum giving our customers the benefit of not having to pay for the large corporate telco engine.

We are fully immersed in our Pacific heritage so we make it our business to understand our customers’ needs and their culture which enables us to empower their businesses and homes. Contact us today to sort out your broadband.

What we do

Broadband to Home and Business

  • Unlimited Broadband
  • VoIP
  • Website/Hosting
  • Domains & Emails

The broadband services we provide is on a Business Grade Network that is available throughout New Zealand. While congestion is a main problem for most providers during peak hours when people are at home, we see our residential customers benefiting from under use once businesses close for the day at the usual hours in the evenings.

You can enjoy VoIP (Voice over IP) calls and be assured that the inevitable closing of the copper network will not affect you.


Unlimited Fibre

VDSL, ADSL, 3G/4G Wireless

Websites & Hosting

Domains & Emails

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